About Time in a Bottle

Time in a Bottle, INC was born in April and unveiled on June 23, 2011. Thank You to all that made it happen and are still making it happen … it is an infant right now and keeping us up at night!

The mission of Time in a Bottle INC is to provide precious “time” to parents that are dealing with the hope and care of their children becoming survivors of not only cancer, but any other life threatening illness that requires multiple hours away from home and family.

Absolutely Clean has given away well over $100,000 dollars in free cleans over the years and we decided to take it to the next level this year when we had to turn children and their families away because we ran out of funds to pay the payroll for these cleans. I, Stephanie, the owner of Absolutely Clean, have made this cause, my passion. I am tired of saying “I’m sorry” so with the birth of Time in a Bottle Inc and the help of many, we will be saying “yes, we can help” … soon!

We see maid services all across the nation joining us on this mission . Once all the details are in motion we will present this to the Association for Residential Cleaning Services International for their help. Baby steps. At this time we need FUNDS to help us with our trademark , website development … all that comes with a nationwide non profit.   That is where we stand today and we at Absolutely Clean are cleaning already for Time in a Bottle.

Time in a Bottle is a Tax Exempt Public Charity